Welcome to the Promise of Democracy

The Promise of Democracy is a partnership dedicated to fostering a society, an economy, and a daily life grounded in democracy. We conduct this work through research, writing, outreach, education, and the conduct of our own daily lives.

We share an unshakeable faith in democracy. To live democracy, we must know it as a distinct way of life. To sort democracy from other ways of life, we must give it a strong definition. For us democracy means shared authority, mutual accountability, and respect for individual initiative among all participants in the governance, life, and work of any nation, partnership, organization, or union of persons.

We reach out to all citizens and residents, regardless of political party, who want to support democracy under this strong definition.

Our program is two-fold: First exploring the principled ideas which inspire democracy, and second exploring the forms of economy and governance which can ground democracy in a prosperous and sustainable way of life.

The exploration of principles we call "the Promise", because by stating our principles we promise and pledge ourselves to a life of democracy.

The exploration of economy and governance we call "the Institution", because it is here that we institute forms of economy and governance true to a life of democracy.

We can achieve democracy only if we truly want democracy.


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America's First Progressives

"It is essential to such a government, that it be derived from the great body of society, not from an inconsiderable portion, or a favored class of it...."
—James Madison, The Federalist, No. 39, 1788

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